Today’s world is a very busy one.  We are all experiencing going to school or work, getting assignments done, going to sport and making time for family and friends.  It is hard for parents to be able to work long hours, and put a home cooked healthy meal on the dinner table each night.  We all end up turning to fast food and processed food as it is so easy to prepare and/or access.

The animal kingdom seems to be a lot smarter than humans in this area.  You never see an overweight wild animal and they instinctively know what to eat and how much of it so they don’t overeat and get fat.  They don’t have to concentrate on eating extra protein, or building extra calcium into their diets, and they all survive and are mostly healthy.  If wild animals eat junk or processed foods they get sick. Stephan Reebs writes about this in his article “Wild animals suffer on ‘junk food’ diets” .  You do find obese pets, but they are the product of being fed by their owners.

In Morgan Spurlocks “Super Size Me”, he documents the fast food lifestyle’s drastic effect on his physical and psychological well-being, and explores the fast food industry’s corporate influence, including how it encourages poor nutrition for its own profit.

It is something to think about and I think if we banned processed and fast food we could beat our obesity problem in the world, we just need more time to be able to meet our taste expectations that we have built so high and we need to stop fast food advertising which makes us all crave fast food.

Allan Carr ( talks about animals instinctively eating the right foods by saying

“Why has nature made things so complicated by having a specific ideal intake for each species?  If every species were designed to eat the same foods, the biggest and strongest amongst them would thrive and the smallest and weakest would die.  That in turn would condemn the biggest and strongest to extinction, as they depend on the smallest and weakest to survive.  The largest creature on the planet, the blue whale, feeds on one of the smallest, plankton, and without the birds, bees and other flying insects which pollinate plants, our entire ecosystem would collapse.”

If human beings are the intelligent species, why do we harm ourselves by eating what is unnatural and unnecessary for our bodies?


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If human beings are the intelligent species, why do we harm ourselves by eating what is unnatural and unnecessary for our bodies?

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Is The Internet Killing The Newspaper?

I believe that the internet has caused a steady decline in the number of people buying newspapers.  This is particularly true for young adults and teenagers who rely on their computers and iPhones for just about everything these days.  Why should they go to the trouble of buying a new paper to find out what is happening in the world when they can type in any subject and find out the latest happenings in that area; it doesn’t mater whether it is cooking or riots in an overseas country.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that older people do the same thing. Some old people are familiar with the internet and like to see what is happening overseas or even find a recipe.  However many older people prefer to do things the old fashioned way and enjoy looking through their newspaper as it is relaxing for them.  Other older people prefer to watch the news on TV rather than read a newspaper or search the internet.

One thing to consider is that some journalists in newspapers are controlled by legal issues so what they actually print is what they are allowed to, or what is politically correct or topical at the time.  As far as the internet is concerned, there is no holding back on what can be published and because of this you have access to anything from pure facts to a persons opinion based on no knowledge of the subject.  People have to be careful to remember that not everything they read is based on facts or true events.


In my opinion, because newer and faster tools to access the internet are now becoming available to everyone, and this is being pushed onto people as a way to cut business demand costs, I think this will eventually kill off the newspaper trade.  According to Glenn Dyer ( newspaper sales fell by 5.1% in the quarter ending March 2012.  He quotes: “Sydney Morning Herald down 13.6% (or more than 26,500 copies a day)……while the Saturday edition lost 13.8% or close to 46,90 copies.”  This dcline has slowly been killing off the newspaper sales.

On 1 June 2012, Sally Jackson of ‘The Australian’ states that ‘The Geelong Advertiser’ made 10 subeditors and graphic designers redundant and that News Limited was seeking to cut about 400 of its editorial staff.  Other cuts is staff working in the printing and production areas are taking place all over Australia on a continuing basis.

If current trends continue I do think the internet will replace the newspaper for a majority of the world.  I still do think though that some people will choose to read their newspaper on a Sunday morning whilst having their breakfast and morning coffee.  I think we are all becoming really busy and the internet is very convenient but people will always be human so like to have down time relaxing and a lot of people do that by relaxing with their newspaper. 

If newspaper production is reduced it will also be a good thing for the environment as it will stop so many trees being cut down for the paper to make the newspaper.



Dyer, Glenn,″Newspaper circulation carnage-biggest March fall on record.

Jackson, Sally, 1 June 2012, “The Australian”‘, ‘Newspaper job cuts grow at Fairfax Media and News Limited.’

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Imagine a World withOneLanguage

Imagine a world with just one language, there wouldn’t be any complication of understanding each other. You wouldn’t have to study another language because it was compulsory. People everywhere you could be able to understand. It would ease the way of living among us.


At a positive side, there wouldn’t be any contradiction with other culture, trying to learn they’re language if you’re visiting or moving to another country. There wouldn’t be racism than before, for a true life story. When I was a kid back in London, African man shouted “ching chong wala ting tong” then made their eyes squint, when they see me or see me with my friends. Even though I wasn’t Chinese, anger confronted my feeling towards them, making me imagine a world with one language. Racism wouldn’t be overwhelmed as it is now.  Another positive side, when…

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Horror crash puts Chad Reed out for a year

Australian supercross star Chad Reed has been ruled out of the rest of this  year’s series after suffering multiple injuries in a horrific crash. One of Australia’s highest-paid sportsmen, Reed was badly hurt at last  weekend’s Dallas round of the AMA Supercross while challenging for the race  lead. Initial scans have revealed Reed has torn his anterior cruciate ligament,  broken his tibia and fibula, sustained two broken ribs and has a broken  vertebra.

To  say I am hurting right now would be a major understatement,” Reed said.  “I am just trying to figure out what hurts more, the injuries or the  fact that I am going to be out for a while with knee surgery”. He fell while challenging for the lead at the Cowboys Stadium. He was in second  place in the championship going into the seventh round in Texas.
As you could Imagine Chad must be so dissapointed in himself. I could only imagine the guilt he feels of not only letting him self down but the whole Two Two Motorsports team aswell. Here below is a Video of what just happend in the crash.

Reed hopes to return for the outdoor season but said he would reassess his goal  after surgery. Chad still cant beleive what happend but is trying very hard to stay strong and get back on track.

Australian supercross star Chad Reed will be out for a year after a horrific crash.

Could this be a career-ending injury for Reed or an injury where the already accomplished racer says it’s time to say I have done it all and it’s time to just be a team owner and hang up his racing gear? No body knows, but there is something I know if he did it would be a huge dissapointment for all! He is the G.O.A.T as others refer to him (Greates Of All Time)
Here is how Chad is doing now and what his future plans are.

My honest opinion is Chad will be back on the bike he is a back to back miltiple winning Champion who has a pashion or this sport like no other.

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It is here:


All the other assessment tasks for this unit will be placed on this blog too.

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